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AW YEHHHbig thanks again to anyone who donated on our behalf for Extra Life. so awesome. hope to do it again sometime later in the year!


big thanks again to anyone who donated on our behalf for Extra Life. so awesome. hope to do it again sometime later in the year!

CALLIN ALL BROz: do a fellow nL bro a favor and vote 4 him! Stuart Campbell! he was the one that made this vid!

In case you’ve missed nL’s last two Minecraft streams…


In the space of around 36 hours, the guys at newLegacyinc and a number of their fans cultivated a portion of the desert on one of Reddit’s public Minecraft servers and we built, of all things, a pro-wrestling arena. One of the first things built was a piece of sprite art - modeled after Terry Funk by a user named VinVinnyVincent. As the arena and the dome surrounding it finished its construction (both in Minecraft and, if you look up “newlegacy” on the Community Creations on the 360, in WWE 2k14), people began to realize… “this shit feels empty”. And so began one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen: in just about one day, nL and the fans built 153(!) different pieces of sprite art. Here’s a list, painstakingly gathered by myself:

  1. The “HD” WWE catch-all entrance stage
  2. The “Ovaltron” version of the SmackDown stage
  3. "Rainmaker" Kazuchika Okada (raining cash included)
  4. The Godfather (Hos not included)
  5. Akeem “The African Dream”
  6. Yokozuna (One of one and a half)
  7. Cactus Jack (one of four faces of Foley)
  8. Mankind
  9. Dude Love
  10. Rob Van Dam, “Arm Van Dam” in-joke version
  11. Vader
  12. Ted DiBiase, Sr.
  13. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin
  14. The Rock (late-90s version)
  15. Andre the Giant, “Wildcat” in-joke version
  16. Edge
  17. Christian (one of two, Attitude Era version)
  18. Daniel Bryan
  19. The Undertaker
  20. The Mountie
  21. The Goon
  22. La Parka
  23. The Hurricne
  24. The Iron Sheik
  25. Pete Gas (one-third of the Mean Street Posse)
  26. Rodney
  27. Joey Abs
  28. Doink
  29. Dink
  30. Goldust
  31. Al Snow
  32. Head (held in Snow’s hand)
  33. Max Moon
  34. Gobbeldy Gooker
  35. Grandmaster Sexay
  36. Scotty 2 Hotty
  37. Jack Swagger
  38. John “Bradshaw” Layfield
  39. Honky Tonk Man
  40. Diamond Dallas Page
  41. Aksana, boob-zippered “I FUCK YOU!!!" in-joke version
  42. Duke “The Dumpster” Droese
  43. Giant Gonzales
  44. Isaac Yankem
  45. Kane
  46. Butterbean (one of two)
  47. Natalya, “Neidfart” in-joke version
  48. Theodore Long
  49. El Generico
  50. sign (to honor the server)
  51. Shawn Michaels, zip-line WrestleMania XII version
  52. The Shockmaster
  53. The Wall (complete with skyscraper)
  54. Goldberg
  55. Tyler Breeze
  56. Santino Marella
  57. El Torito
  58. RAW sign, mid-90s version
  59. Dolph Ziggler (complete with hair sweat/water)
  60. Mick Foley
  61. Booker T
  62. Triple H, Overlord of This Business version
  63. Bastion Booger
  64. D-X logo sign
  65. Rikishi
  66. Charles “Li’l Naitch” Robinson
  67. Jeff Hardy
  68. Matt Hardy, Version 1 uh… version
  69. Butterbean (two of two)
  70. Cornette Face
  71. Bam Bam Bigelow
  72. Christian, modern “Blue Dot” in-joke version
  73. "Macho Man" Randy Savage, Mega Man-style
  74. Marc Mero, shitty boxer version
  75. Dusty Rhodes, sickly pallor version
  76. Lita (vulgarity removed by admin request)
  77. Scott Steiner
  78. Fred Durst
  79. The Great Khali
  80. A banana
  81. Roddy Piper, tanned midget version
  82. X-Pac, “Ass-Popped” in-joke version
  83. A peanut
  84. Kurt Angle
  85. Tensai
  86. The Rock, early 2012 version
  87. Vince McMahon
  88. Perry Saturn
  89. Moppy (held in Saturn’s hand)
  90. Chief Jay Strongbow (with a fabulous-as-fuck headdress)
  91. Zach Gowen’s leg
  92. The Blue Meanie
  93. "nL Hall of Fame" stage
  94. "Rowdy" Roddy Piper
  95. Paul Bearer, “Paul Bear” in-joke version
  96. "Sin Carabinet" in-joke, title sign
  97. Hulk Hogan
  98. Miss Elizabeth
  99. "Macho Man" Randy Savage, sprite version
  100. Jinder Mahal
  101. Yokozuna, (half of one and a half), legs only
  102. Damien Sandow
  103. Antonio Cesaro
  104. Sheamus
  105. Sin Cara
  106. Bret Hart
  107. Steven Richards
  108. "Kennel From Hell" set-up
  109. "CZW" sign
  110. Crash Holly (complete with scale)
  111. Captain Lou Albano
  112. Vince Russo, “Ultimate Swerve” version
  113. "Stone Cold" Steve Albert’s giant couch/chalk eraser
  114. The Blue Blazer, unfortunate timing version
  115. Terry Funk, “Juvenile Delinquents” version
  116. "Rock N Rolla" logo
  117. Door set-up, “Rich People” version
  118. Door set-up, “Poor People” version
  119. David Otunga, atop the arena
  120. Chris Jericho, atop the arena
  121. Paul Heyman, atop the arena
  122. Brock Lesnar, atop the arena
  123. Scott Hall, hung over in a tanning bed version, atop the arena
  124. Ultimate Warrior, atop the arena
  125. Heath Slater, atop the arena
  126. Mark Henry, Chocolate Drop version, atop the arena
  127. Ryback, DA BIG GUY version, atop the arena
  128. logo sign
  129. Cookie Monster
  130. Daniel Bryan, Mega Man-style
  131. YES!”, Mega Man-style
  132. "Swaft" sign, in-joke
  133. All-purpose newLegacyinc marker
  134. Brood entrance set-up, inside the arena proper
  135. "#BadNewsBarrett" lectern
  136. Undertaker “Tx” symbol
  137. The entire entrance set-up
  138. The entire arena set-up
  139. ECW entrance mock-up
  140. WCW entrance mock-up
  141. nWo sign, inside the arena
  142. "If Cena Wins We Riot" sign, inside the arena
  143. Nexus logo sign, inside the arena
  144. WrestleMania sign, inside the arena
  145. A triple-tiered cage
  146. The ring itself (it’s really a work of art)
  147. Jeff Jarrett
  148. "Kaneface" picture, in-joke
  149. Sabu, atop the arena
  150. Dragon Dragon, headless version
  151. Oleg The Usurper
  152. Zero (from Mega Man X)
  153. nL “staff list”

And the amazing thing? Things are still being built! I actually had to add to this list while I was typing it because of how many people are still on, adding their own mark.